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If you’re an agent interested in learning more about Tower’s value proposition in the public sector market, let’s talk. Our business is expanding and we’re looking for talented individuals who want to share in our success. Just take a look at the many benefits we have to offer:
    • Generous Commissions and Renewal Income – Your earning potential is virtually unlimited
    • Recession Proof Market-Stable Employment Base – Career employees with high disposable income and job security
    • Strong Desire for Disability & Life Products – Federal and Postal employees have an immediate need to supplement existing benefits
    • Reliable and Convenient Payroll Deduction – Government allotments are safe and secure. Your business will stay on the books!


Guaranteed and Simplified Issue Products for Current Government Employees

What we can do for you

We can advance you biweekly on your business.

We provide you with “hands-on” training and making sales calls almost immediately.

We offer a unique opportunity as we are expanding our marketing efforts nationwide.

We give you quality leads at no cost.

Lead program

    • Provides a continuous stream of clients who are eager to purchase insurance
    • Successful agents are provided with leads on a weekly basis
    • We have an increasing need for agents in many areas of the country

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Our target markets:

    • US postal and federal employees (since 1970)
    • City, county, state and school district employees
    • Union labor groups/affiliated trade associations
    • Medical professionals and their staff

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